KACTE Distinguished Service Award Winners



Annual Award for Distinguished Service to Educator Preparation in Kentucky


The distinguished service award (formerly called the medallion) is

presented to a member of the Kentucky Educator Preparation Community by

the members of KACTE, in recognition of years of unfailing service to

educator preparation in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.





1986 Jane Godfrey, Berea College

1987 Sidney Simandle, Kentucky Department of Education


1988 Dixon Barr, Eastern Kentucky University

1989 J.T. Sandifer, Western Kentucky University


1990 Janice Weaver, Murray State University

1991 Bonnie Banker, Asbury College


1992 Mary Smith, Kentucky State University

1993 Elizabeth Nelli, University of Kentucky and Education Professional Standards Board


1994 Roger Pankratz, Western Kentucky University

1995 Akeel Zaheer, Education Professional Standards Board


1996 Bonnie Banker, Asbury College

1997 Marie Paula Hardy, Spalding University


1998 Edgar Sagan, University of Kentucky

1999 Rose Howard and M. Sara Goethals, Bellarmine University


2000 Mary Burns, Spalding University

2001 Ken Carter, Northern Kentucky University


2002 Verna Lowe, Asbury College

2003 not awarded


2004 Bobby Burchette, Georgetown College

2005 Roy Lauter, Asbury College


2006 Maureen Norris, Bellarmine University & Betty Lindsey, Spalding University

2007 Rosetta Sandidge, University of Kentucky


2008 Mark Wasicsko, Northern Kentucky University& Gary Schroeder, University of Kentucky

2009 Sam Evans, Western Kentucky University


2011 Sharon Brennan, University of Kentucky

2013 Elizabeth Penn, Thomas More College


2014 Ann Larson, University of Louisville

2015 Alesa Walker, Murray State University


2016 Manish Sharma, University of Louisville







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